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death toll from hurricane sandy has jumped to 165. fema says more than $18 million in federal aid money has been disburse sewed far. red cross has sent 4,000 workers to offer relief. and coastguard teams from alameda and novato are deployed to the east coast and they will provide port security and assistance operations. >> military will be trucking in feel to alleviate the long lines for gas. defense department will deliver 24 million gallons of extra fuel to the new york area and lift restrictions deliveries by foreign ships. aaa are reporting that half of the gas stations are closed, many because they are without power. pg&e is sending hundred more workers, 150 others were sent earlier this week from california. in the meantime, in manhattan, cheers tonight when their lights went back on. >> con edison had hoped to restore power to all of manhattan by tonight. it now looks like it will be tomorrow night so some blackouts may linger lo longer than that. across the entire region. three and a half million are still without power. statue of liberty is closed indefinitely. statue had reope
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1